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20170518 SCMHC grant photos 15


20170518 SCMHC grant photos 15
20170518 SCMHC grant photos 15


Mental health care

is a human right

Covid-19 Update:  We are accepting new clients by appointment only for telehealth and in-person appointments. Our weekly peer meeting (The Living Room) is closed at the present time - Check back in August 2021 for updates.  For all questions, call us at 585-325-1186.

Spiritus Christi

Mental Health Center

Spiritus Christi Mental Health Center provides mental health care and support at no charge for those who have no insurance or who are unable to afford the cost of care. Our staff of two employees and over 20 volunteers (mental health counselors, social workers, advocates, attorneys and others) provide counseling, case management, and other supports free of charge to those in need.  

Established in 2000, the Center serves around 200 youth and adults from Greater Rochester each year through two primary avenues: clinical care and psychosocial  support; and peer support.  And when we have volunteers to teach yoga, we add that in too! Over the years, we've offered massage, reiki, and chiropractic care as well. Basically, if there's a wellness need and we have the people-power to address it, we do. 

Your investment doesn't just change one life -- it impacts the health of our whole community!

Volunteer! Help us fundraise! Join the RIVERWALK! Spread the word! Find out how you can be involved here.

Our mission is

to improve community health by providing access to mental health care for adults and youth who are uninsured or underinsured.

Check out our video here to take a tour of the center and listen to interviews with volunteers and those who consult us

Narcan Training

Free opioid overdose prevention training 


until May 2021